Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Chinese New Year

It was one of my best day in my life. Playing with the bunch of college mates were totally awesome! Students with shirts in red and white were all over the college.

I was really amazed and touched when my classmates, Shelley were so cooperative in this event. We had this card making competition and station games. This included quiz, eating game, calligraphy and lantern making competition.
The card made by my amazing classmates.

Everyone had fun and my class got champion for this Chinese New Year event.

We even get to see the lion dance. Some were so freaked out and they claimed that the lions were scary. One of my friends even cried and hided in the toilet.

As for dinner, we had this 'lou sang' for everyone to try. Some said it was nice and special and some said it was  weird as 'lou sang' has a mixture of all sweet and sour taste. Oranges and red packet that contained chocolates
were given to everyone.

I can say that it was a memorable day. I really had fun and joy with all my friends.

Till then.

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